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Sethi, Anisha; Janda, Jaspreet Kaur; Sharma, Nidhi; Malhotra, S K Mal de meleda MdMa rare autosomal recessive genodermatosis is characterized by erythema and hyperkeratosis of the palms and soles with a sharp demarcation and that progress with age progrediens and extend to the dorsal aspects of the hands and feet transgrediens.

It has been associated with various conditions albeit rarely with congenial cataract. Ocular lens and the skin have the same embryological origins. We hereby present this novel case report of Mal de meleda in association with congenital posterior subcapsular cataract which to the best of our knowledge has not been reported from India before.

Each sample was analyzed by KFT, standard oven dryin NASA Astrophysics Data System ADS Aubin, Alexandre With the miniaturization of electronic devices, driven by cost reduction and performance increase, new materials have to be introduced in their fabrication process to solve many emerging problems.

We conducted a bench laboratory study in which we tested single strands of hair and natural and synthetic fibers under static tension with a The dependent variable, time until breakage, was recorded. If the strand did not break within 8 hours, the experiment was discontinued.

These challenges are brought forth by the ITRS International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductorsa comity in charge of listing the technological needs for the upcoming generations of integrated circuits. Many fields of interest require new technological developments, from global to local interconnections, the transistor gate, the gate insulator thickness, etc.

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One of the major challenges mentioned in the ITRS roadmap is the need for a new interconnection material. Indeed, the need for a diffusion barrier for the copper lines in local and global interconnections of integrated circuits, the main technology in today's devices, is becoming more hindering with the decrease of the metallization lines. In the 90's, a binary compound of copper and germanium, known as the epsilon1-Cu3Ge phase, was investigated as a replacement for aluminum because of its low resistivity, that can reach as low as 5.

However, copper proved to be a better choice at the time because of its low bulk resistivity of 1. The objective of this master thesis is to re-examine the copper-germanium system, and more specifically the epsilon1-Cu3Ge, for future applications in the microelectronics industry.

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Smaller technology nodes may then require higher formation temperatures to completely form the epsilon1-Cu3Ge phase. Further challenges thus exist to make epsilon1-Cu3Ge interconnections in modern microelectronics devices. Tests with deposition techniques like vlad gilka à propos des options binaires and multilayer stacks of germanium and copper must be made to determine if they can help resolve this problem.

Santé Perspectives pour les fabricants de turbines à gaz russes Il n'y a pas plus de dix entreprises produisant des turbines à gaz dans notre pays.

Another field of interest for further tests are isothermal anneals, which would allow the formation of the epsilon1-Cu3Ge phase during longer anneals at lower temperatures.

Brand new information was acquired on the metastable phases of the copper-germanium system. Observed diffraction peaks allowed to confirm the crystalline structures observed by Schubert and Brandauer in the 50's [5] as well as estimate the cell parameter of the body centered cubic epsilon2- Cu3Ge, which is approximately 5.

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