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I help both managers and supervisors who have nothing to do with traditional training develop their teams, as well as support my peers in training and talent departments re-imagine their work. Learning and talent functions have the ellie robot pour les options to powerfully transforms people who transform organizations. The challenge many face is change.

So much is changing in the way organizations run, technology is used and what people expect. That idea you just saw in Inc.

Magazine, for example … is it truly transformative or just the next fad? A talent provocateur.

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Probably because I challenge much of the status quo. You might find you clash with them too. I deeply believe that the future is yours for the taking. Your success comes down to mindset, gritty work and humility.

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Humans have an incredible capacity to learn — they just have to take that first step. When we put learning at the heart of business, powerful things can happen. But learning is more than some wishy washy word that people nod their head to. As such, I use what I call the learning mechanics formula, the learning ecology model, and the talent continuum to help make sense of the future.

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You can read about them in other pages on this website. At all levels. Leading change initiatives, doing skills development, speaking at conferences. My two favorite jobs were media gigs.

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In the early nineties, on a little known radio station in Australia, I hosted a current affairs radio talk show. We had a lot of fun and my team broke loads of news.

During that time, I found myself running workshops for broadcasters on presentation skills, script writing, and interviewing. It was a privilege.

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What made it an incredible experience was the people I worked with. I learned a lot from them and they made me look good. The Last Decade My first 20 years in talent development was exclusively with media organizations. A lot of it was workforce skills development and change management in digital transformations.

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For the past decade, I have branched out and now work with just about every industry. From retail to banking to manufacturing to government and non-profit. Current Focus: Talent Development to Support Agility and Innovation Today my work involves helping training and HR leaders develop strategies to enable the development and nurturing of an agile and innovative workforce.

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I partner with my clients to help them align evidence-based talent strategies to business results, so we can show the world how talent development unleashes people potential and transforms organizations. I partner with clients to do coaching, strategy and tactical consulting, in-person workshops on learning science and digital content production.

I also help learning professionals develop intentional strategies and systems to influence the talent continuum and learning ecosystem. The first book on video for our industry we called it, So, I wrote a second book — But my all-time favorite book came out in Two you might see soon.

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And a pocket guide to learning science for trainers and talent professionals. Here are five of ellie robot pour les options. First, a lot of people think a good trainer is someone who does option dinvestissement slidecks and has polished presentation skills.

Kinda like a mini-keynote speaker.

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Good trainers are almost invisible. More important learning happens outside the classroom. Third, our biggest strength in this industry is our biggest weakness.

That is trainers very often come in from the front line as subject matter experts. They know what they teach, inside out. But, they often are not given training in how to help people learn. This causes lots of problems.

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What gives? Fourth, I think our profession is run on myths and superstitions. But so many people practice them. If we as a profession are to have any credibility, we have to base our practice on learning science.

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All my train the trainers are based on learning science. We help people build their knowledge and skills.

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